Rent Space

We strive to be a center of community life in Billerica.

To that end, we rent space for meetings and events to nonprofit organizations as well as to individuals and community and cultural groups. Our spaces are well lit and accessible, and there is ample parking adjacent to our building.

You can check out below the spaces available for rent. Click on a picture to view a close-up.
Dale Hall is a large room with a stage and commercial kitchen perfect for bridal or baby showers and special events. We have 20 tables and 175 chairs available for you to set up.

The sound system cannot accommodate an iPod/iPhone or MP3 player. The rate below gives you access to a microphone you can plug into the speakers.

  • Dale Hall (w/ stage) $200

    $75/each additional hour

  • Dale Hall (w/ stage + use of piano) $250

    $75/each additional hour

  • Kitchen $50

    Kitchen will be locked if not rented

  • Parlor $50

    $25/each additional hour

  • Sanctuary $100

    With the pastor’s approval only

  • Classrooms No charge

    Donations gratefully accepted

  • Building/Event Monitor $20/hour

    Payable in cash to the Building Monitor as you leave

  • Security Deposit $200

    To be returned only upon satisfactory area inspection

The Building Monitor will open the building for you at the appointed time and be responsible for showing you what rooms are available and/or off limits to your group. They will be available for questions, to get help in an emergency and for you to report to in the case of any damage. They are not responsible for cleaning up after your group, but will check to see that you leave the church building in as good condition as it was found. They can direct you where to find stage equipment, if needed, as well as cleaning supplies. Be prepared to pay the Building Monitor in cash as you leave.

The room assigned to you is the room you must use unless arrangements are made with the scheduler. Our church offers rooms to many groups. Please plan to leave your assigned space at the end of your assigned time, clean and ready for the next group. If your room is still occupied when you arrive, please respect the group’s privacy and allow them to finish their event. Also, please do not allow your group to be disruptive to any other group.

If you use our building on a regular basis, we may occasionally need to pre-empt your event for a church event, in which case you will be notified as soon as possible.

  • We are a non-smoking campus: smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. You must go out to the street if you must smoke.
  • No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances of any kind may be consumed anywhere on the church property. 
  • In Dale Hall, we ask that non-marking shoes be worn to protect the finish of the floor.

Upon completion of your event, we ask the following:

  • All tables should be cleaned, and tables and chairs left how you found them or as directed. 
  • The floors should be picked up, swept or vacuumed, and washed if necessary.
  • Tidy the common bathroom area, including picking up paper towels, wiping sinks, and removing trash. 
  • If the kitchen is used, clean all equipment and put it away. Please leave no food.
  • If you are the last group to leave, turn off all lights and fans and close all windows.
  • if you are the last group to leave, please turn off all lights and fans and close all windows;
  • Empty all trash and place bags in dumpster outside in parking lot.

Cleaning equipment can be found in the small closet under the stairway downstairs. Large brooms for Dale Hall are stored in the closet to the right of the stage. There may be another group coming in (after or as) you leave. Be considerate.

In case of accident, injury or other emergency, there are emergency contact lists posted by the side door and the entrance to Dale Hall. Please report any damage that may have occurred to one of the Trustees or the monitor of the day.

Remember, you are using church property and we sincerely appreciate your cooperation in complying with these regulations. We cannot arrive on Sunday morning for a church service to find the building needs to be cleaned.

Revised 08-03-2017

Fill out a Building Reservation Request Form—either in person with Taryn Gillis, our office manager, or online by filling out the form ‭below‬. Taryn is available during church office hours at ‭‭978.663.8433‬.

Please send check/money order for the security deposit and the rental fee (payable to First Congregational Church in Billerica) to

Taryn Gillis
c/o First Congregational Church in Billerica
18 Andover Rd
Billerica, MA 01821

The room/hall will not be considered “Reserved” until deposit has been made and the Board of Trustees has approved your request. The Trustees reserve the right to approve or deny any rental request without explanation. They also have the responsibility to resolve any conflicts among groups using our church facilities.

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Please fill out the form below and our office manager will be in touch.