Music Program

The music program is a vital part of our church life. Our music program is proudly directed by Tim Jenkins. Our adult choir sings nearly every Sunday during the regular year plus for the major Christian holidays. We also have a wonderful youth choir directed by April Goss-Baker. The children sing about once every month, occasionally collaborating with the adult choir. Our music program is further enhanced by various instrumentalists occasionally joining us whenever the opportunity arises. Many of our church family consider the music to be one of the top reasons to attend FCCB. If you would like to participate in our music program or have any ideas of how we could add to it, please contact Tim any time.

The Music Ministry supports the music the music program through fulfilling the needs of the music director by purchasing music, maintaining the pianos and organs and acting on any other requests; supporting the senior and junior choirs by purchasing robes and planning activities; maintaining the sound system; and are involved in any changes made to the music directors contract.
Adult Choir
  • No musical experience necessary!
  • Join any time throughout the church year
  • Rehearse Thursday evenings in the sanctuary 7:00-8:30 and immediately before services
  • Sing a variety of anthems – stand up and clap to the most beautifully somber
  • Soloists and small groups always welcome
  • Sing most Sundays September-June plus Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday
  • Participate in other church events that call for music
Youth Choir
  • Lots of fun for participants and listeners!
  • No musical experience necessesary
  • Children of all ages welcome
  • Rehearse Sunday mornings in the chapel immediately following services
  • Sing when ready – about once a month
  • Occasionally participate in other church events that call for music
Music director – Tim Jenkins
Tim has been our music director since March of 2012. His main duties include selecting music for every Sunday and holiday service as well as leading the adult vocal choir by teaching, accompanying, rehearsing, and conducting. Tim has a Bachelor of Music in Performance degree from the University of Maine. While his main focus is piano, he also plays handbells, organ, percussion, and violin. Besides music, Tim has a passion for dance, performing locally in recitals and ballet productions
Youth choir director: April Goss-Baker
April has been involved in the fine arts since her childhood, participating in school band, theater, and church music programs. Her talents include dance, piano, singing, and flute. She has been a member of a local community chamber chorus for over 10 years. April joined FCCB in 2004 and founded our junior choir a few years later. In 2009, she joined our adult choir, for which she not only provides a fine soprano voice, but also wonderful flute accompaniment to add to some of our selections. April is often also responsible for recruiting and rehearsing with younger members of our church family for various instrumental endeavors.
Youth choir accompanist: George Bowman
George began his relationship with FCCB when his wife’s piano teacher at Blt Music School in Billerica mentioned that the church was looking for an accompanist for the junior choir. He took the opportunity in October of 2011. George’s musical background includes piano study during grade school and trombone throughout high school and college in both marching and symphonic bands. He also played trombone during his time at the US Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, IL. He continues his piano instruction at Blt music school.
George has had many involvements with FCCB during his time here. He was part of the Outreach and Food Pantry ministries as well as doing a tour on the inaugural Church Council after becoming a member of the church in 2012. Currently, he is a member of the adult choir, Lay Shepherds, and the Building Committee.