The Sanctuary

The church is a place where many of life’s most important moments are celebrated, from birth, to marriage, to death. The church becomes a home to carry people from cradle to grave. To mark the important moments in life we take pause and give thanks to God. Our doors are open to all who seek a Christian celebration of life’s important moments. All are invited to come and partake in the rituals of Christian life. 
Baptism- The First Congregational Church baptizes infants, children, and adults. We baptize into the faith and family of Jesus Christ and believe that baptism is the outward and visible sign of God’s grace in our lives. We invite people to visit us for an experience of worship and ask to meet with the minister and a member of the diaconate so that we may welcome you and explain baptism. (Feel free to call ahead at 978-663-8433, or just come.) We welcome all and look forward to walking with you on your faith journey. Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me and do not hinder them.” We strive to provide an accessible and uplifting faith experience for young and old alike.
 Marriage- The First Congregational Church participates in a three way covenant of marriage, a covenant between two people and God. The minister works with the couple to prepare for marriage and officiates at the ceremony. Rev. Dr. Katherine Adams enjoys working with couples to build a tool box that will support the marriage during the inevitable storms of life. It’s best to contact the church between six months to a year before the wedding by calling 978-663-8433. There is flexibility dependent upon the need. May we be among the first to congratulate you on your engagement!
Funerals and Memorial Services- God is near as we grieve the loss of a loved one. The First Congregational Church believes that each life is a gift from God and should be celebrated. Rev. Dr. Katherine Adams works with loved ones to provide a personalized worship service that brings honor to one’s life and brings glory to God. We work closely with our local funeral homes and will assist in any way that we can.
Confirmation- Our teens are invited to confirm their baptismal vows that their parents made for them. All those who were baptized at First Congregational, have participated in Sunday School, or attend worship are invited to be a part of a Confirmation Class. The class provides a background of Christian thought and practice and encourages lives that seek to follow Jesus’ teachings. Mentors accompany each member of the class and help to bridge the journey from learning to living the faith. Rev. Dr. Katherine Adams or a member of Youth Ministry would love to talk to you about the Confirmation process.
Communion- We celebrate Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper as a commemorative meal that remembers Jesus’ Last Supper. Our Communion celebrations are on the first Sunday of the month during our 10 am worship, and weekly at our 5 pm Sunday service (our evening worship is September through June.) We believe in an open table where all are welcomed to partake in Jesus’ blessing. 
Prayers of the Dying- We offer to pray with those who are on their final journey in this life. The words of Jesus that offer promises of the life to come accentuate our hope and desire for eternal life. We will walk with you as journey back to God, and walk with families before and after death. 
Ordination- We journey with those who feel called by God to serve as ordained members of the clergy. We believe that their is a three way call for ordination- a call between a person, God, and a body of Christ. If you feel that God is calling you to something more don’t run and hide (as so many of the prophets did) but come and speak with Rev. Dr. Katherine Adams or a member of the diaconate. The journey of education and service is fulfilling.