Build Community

Church is all about people. People in all their glory—wonderful, a little wacky, warm, wise. Messy and miraculous, we gather. Often—that is, almost always—we eat together, breaking bread and forming the Body of Christ anew. We share stories, laugh out loud, come up for seconds, and (pretty much) embrace the awkward. If you’re looking for a place to connect, a place to know others and to be known, we invite you to try our community on for size. Here are some ways you can do just that:

Coffee Hour

Each Sunday, after gathering for worship, we keep our service going by hanging out over snacks (ranging from casual to sumptuous) and coffee/tea. Kiddos play and older folks kick back. It's a great way to learn about others in the community and share a bit about yourself.


Aim-Hi is a venerable group of older ladies who meet in the Church Parlor once a month on the third Thursday at noon.

Folks bring lunch and dessert is provided by the host of the month, followed by a fun activity or service opportunity. The group serves in any way they can—for example, by making up fruit baskets for homebound folks, donating to our High School Mission Trip, and sending cards to service personnel. You are so welcome to join this gathering rich in tradition. At eighty some-odd years and counting, it’s the longest-standing group in our congregation!


Get connected. Go deeper. These small groups of 6–8 adults meet for six-week sessions (typically in fall and spring) exploring topics that invite us to connect the big ideas of our faith with our daily lives. Circles are a place for honest, caring conversation about things we may rarely get to talk about day to day—like prayer, salvation, God, and authentic community. Bring your questions and your curiosity.

Community Meals

There’s no shortage of good eating in our congregation! On Thanksgiving Day we host a family-style dinner for anyone and everyone who’s looking for a tasty spread and hearty company. Our fellowship hall is the gathering spot for Lenten Lunches, each hosted by one of our partner organizations in the Billerica Interfaith Association. And don’t forget the Annual Boiled Dinner: a fall New England classic during Yankee Doodle Weekend.