Meet Our Staff
Rev. Dr. Katherine Adams, pastor  Katherine has served as the senior pastor of the First Congregational Church since 2008. She is blessed to serve a dynamic open and affirming congregation that seeks God’s grace for the community and the world. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Preaching from Chicago Theological Seminary, a Master of Divinity from Boston University, as well as a horticulture degree and a labor economics degree. Katherine finds that the circuitous route of her journey has helped her to develop a willingness to meet folks wherever they are on their faith journey, and an awareness that faith is a journey- not a destination. She has five children and seven grandchildren, and lives with her husband Jon, three dogs, two cats, and 3 ducks in Bridgewater. Katherine believes in the transforming power of grace, the call to discipleship, and the leading and blessing of the Spirit.
Rev. Seth Robinson, pastor  Seth delights in getting surprised by grace, learning the way of Jesus, and cultivating resilient communities of belonging and transformation. He has served as designated-term associate pastor and teacher at First Congregational Church since October 2018. Seth is grateful to have found in FCCB a congregation of folks who are as passionate as he is about sharing—and living—the good news of God’s unearnable love for people in all their brokenness, beauty, imperfection, and gloriousness.
Seth holds a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School. He has served on the pastoral staff of three parishes, at a meal program in Harvard Square, and as a chaplain at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a fellow in the Episcopal Service Corps he lived for a year in intentional Christian community. He draws on his experiences in pastoral care, community organizing, and contemplative practice as he learns from and partners with folks at FCCB and in the community. Seth lives with his spouse, Laura (also a UCC pastor), in Dorchester and enjoys running, biking, woodburning, cooking, and drinking coffee.
Tim Jenkins, music director
Tim has been our music director since March of 2012. His work includes leading the adult choir by teaching, accompanying, rehearsing, and conducting; and developing a vibrant music program that speaks to the ear and heart.  Tim has a Bachelor of Music in Performance degree from the University of Maine. While his main focus is piano, he also plays handbells, organ, percussion, and violin. Besides music, Tim has a passion for dance, performing locally in recitals and ballet productions.
Tracy Rudenick, director religious education
Tracy directs our vibrant Sunday School program for children of all ages. She and her husband are raising their 3 grandchildren. They have been a part of First congregational since 2015. In her free time, Tracy enjoys arts and crafts, her family and her pets.