Social Justice Ministry

About two years ago the UCC encouraged congregations to join in “Conversations on Race.”  In response, members of this congregation organized a workshop led by Rev. Cheryl Harris “The Difference that Difference Makes”, presented speakers and panels at two Martin Luther King Brunches, Bob Miner continued the book club that Rev. Adams initiated, and Bob Slack held a discussion group on what is race.

This has been done through the efforts of an informal group of about 10 people who contribute their time and talents when they can.  We have no formal meeting schedule but get together to put together events, and to discuss ideas.

We are in the planning stages of a peace vigil to be held on September 10.  Between early morning and evening we will be having worship, educational sessions and prayer.  We will be discussing peace at home, peace in our community, and world peace. We are planning a third Martin Luther King Jr. Brunch for January 15, 2018 and we hope to work with the Billerica Public library to do a community read of one of Dr. King’s books in the weeks following the brunch. If you would like to help, let us know.  Or if something other than social justice issues excite you, think about how you can inspire another ministry.  Andrew Jennings would be happy to talk to you about how this ministry developed.