Church Council

The purpose of the Church Council is to provide a representative body to authorize ministries of the Church. The duties of the Council are oversight of strategic planning, scheduling, and coordinating inter-group activities. The Council is responsible for communication and for encouraging and authorizing new ministries. The Council coordinates and approves all fund-raising activities. The Council meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. The Council is ready to hear your ideas and to help support them financially or otherwise. To bring an idea to council please fill out an “I have an idea” form found outside Rev Katherine’s office and put in the council box, or give it to any council member.

The First Congregational Church in Billerica is now an Open and Affirming church which means that as followers of Jesus Christ, wherever we are on life’s journey we will be unconditionally welcome at this church.

Periodically there are “testimonials” from individuals in the congregation who are invited to share their experiences during a Sunday service about how Jesus Christ has lead them in their Christian life or perhaps how this church in particular has become their house of worship.  If anyone would like to consider doing this we welcome you to contact Reverend Adams  so that you can share with us a part of your own Christian journey.

In an attempt to increase the visibility of people in this church the Council is beginning a new project which will enable us to recognize the names and faces of committee  and ministry members.  This process will begin with the Outreach Committee.  In Dale Hall there will be a poster explaining the purpose/projects of the Outreach Committee.  Around that description there will be a small photo and name of each committee member.  After the completion of the Outreach Committee poster we will begin another. And another…